Cameron Fairchild

Software Developer

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About Me

I am currently entering my fourth year at the University of Toronto, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I have experience in Python (Flask), Pytorch, JavaScript (Node/Express), Java(FX), HTML, and C. But, I look forward to learning, and using, new technologies when I have the chance.


University of Toronto

Sept 2019 - May 2024 (expected)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

cGPA: 3.65

Relevant courses taken: Intro to Computer Science (Python 3), Software Tools & Sys. Programming (C/Unix), Operating Systems (OSTEP, C, UNIX), Intro to Machine Learning (pytorch, sklearn), Intro to Databases (SQL, Schema Design), Programming on the Web (JS, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, jQuery, NodeJS, ExpressJS), Software Design (Java, OOP), Computer Organization (Hardware/Circuits, MIPS ASM), Data Structures & Analysis, Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science, Linear Algebra I & II, Calculus I & II, Concepts in Abstract Mathematics, Probability & Statistics I, and Statistical Theory.


OpenTensor Foundation (Bittensor)

Machine Learning Software Engineer Intern

  • Contributed to the neural internet.

LeapGrad Corp.

Back-End Software Developer Intern

  • Contributed to an existing REST API written in Node.js, Express.js and Mongoose (MongoDB), including writing unit and integration tests using Mocha and Chai for new features.
  • Received and integrated code reviews and participated in bi-weekly Agile sprint meetings
  • Leveraged the joi library to write API request validation schemas, providing better and more descriptive API error responses
  • Implemented OpenAPI 3.0 documentation and a SwaggerUI server for exisiting and new API routes, complete with GitHub OAuth authentication to protect access tothe documentation. This simplified communicating API usage between the back-endand front-end teams.
  • Implemented a Docker configuration for the back-end server, including documentation and installation steps. This facilitated and streamlined local testing of the current back-end revision for front-end devs who otherwise would have trouble installing the required dependencies.


Retail Associate

Served and cashed-out pharmacy patients, cashed-out front-store customers, stocked shelves, reconciled tills, and provided customer service.

Shoppers Drug Mart


Stocked shelves, provided customer service, and cashed-out customers.



An SMS hotline written for Hack The 6ix 2021 with 3 other team members. Allows a user to text a phone number to receive search results, directions, translations, the weather, or a randomjoke. Uses Twilio, various APIs (Google, jokeapi, weatherbit), Docker, and Flask.

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Camera-Shy Server

The server for a mobile game based on facial recognition. Currently uses a REST API implemented in ExpressJS and NodeJS. Developed for the UofTHacks VIII Hackathon in Feb 2021 with 3 other team members. We plan to continue work on the game, transitioning it to websockets, for real-time client-server updates.

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Conference Planning System

A conference planning system written in Java and JavaFX, adhering to the SOLID principles. Completed for CSC207H1 at UofT with 7 other team members.

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Node.js Url Shortener

Url shortener implemented in Node.js using Express and MongoDB

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Python Calculator

A basic calculator implemented using recursion in Python. Includes a few test cases implemented using pytest.

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A personal project used to score a dart game in the CLI. It also allows you to type in an equation using multiplication and addition for simple score input.

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Node.js Exercise Tracker

An exercise tracker written in JavaScript. Makes use of Node.js, Express, and Mongoose.

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CLI TicTacToe in Python

A CLI implementation of TicTacToe in Python. Featuring an AI using the Minimax algorithm.

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React Calculator

Uses similar logic to the Python calculator but it is implemented in ReactJS.

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Simple chat room built with Node.js and Uses Github OAuth, MongoDB, and passport.js.

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